Oresama Teacher

Manga Artist and Writer: Tsubaki Izumi
Reviewed on May 27, 2010

The story: Delinquent lead transfers schools and tries to start over with a clean image, but instead gets caught up in fights involving teachers, classmates, and the school's head honcho. A shounen? No. This is...Oresama Teacher.

Reading half a dozen tear-jerker romance stories in a row does a number on the manly spirit. My remedy is to watch the most action-packed shounen clips I can find, roar, and punch some guy in the gut on the way out. After reading Oresama Teacher, I had to do no such thing.

A few manhwa and manga have done the idea of a delinquent female kicking ass, taking names, and falling in love. Fewer have the heroine kicking ass 'till the end. Fewer still have heroines that don't break down in tears and wail for the hero to save them. Oresama Teacher, so far, has not failed in showing just how badass the heroine is.

That's right, if you won't love any other aspect of the manga, you'll at least like the female lead. Kurosaki Mafuyu is sweet, a bit daft, and protective (of her comrades). She simply wants to have female friends and a normal high school life, but she can't help it when she walks into a bunch of guys ganging up on one person (usually someone she knows) and she's the strongest fighter around second only to a former delinquent teacher (not Onizuka...but that would be awesome). Characters like her tend to be annoying, but she isn't. Probably because even if she likes to be a girl she's still incredibly 'manly', in every badass sense of the word. She's also incredibly strange, but so is the rest of the cast.

Strangeness seems to be the main source of humor in Oresama. There's Mafuyu's hilarious day dreams and thoughts (other characters indulge in this as well), and her egotistical and evil yet affable teacher's teasing. And then there're just the absurd circumstances the characters get into. It's a lot of slapstick, but it's all in good taste.

Another thing is that for a supposed shoujo, it containts a whole lot of well-drawn fight scenes. Not just fight scenes with a few awkward punches shown, mind. I mean half of an entire chapter consisting of nothing but serious ass-kicking. If it wasn't for the female lead and art style I'd say this was shounen. Unfortunately, romance takes a back seat to all the action and comedy, and there are barely any hints of it until the 22nd chapter. What it lacks in romance the manga instead makes up in fun character interaction. Some readers are sure to be frustrated about that, though.

Oresama isn't completed yet and things could go bad later in the story, but what I've read so far is enough for me to recommend it. It's funny, entertaining, and has a refreshing lead. Not to mention it has almost shounen-like fight scenes. Oresama Teacher doesn't look like it will stop being awesome just yet.

Happy reading.

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