Random Recommended Stuff

Recommended Reads and Must-Sees
I'm not sure I'll get to review these later on due to various reasons, so I'll just dump them here.

Emily's Random Shoujo Manga Page
Or as I call it, a damn good shoujo resource site. They've got everything from reviews, to gift guides, to (my favorite) shoujo plot devices. Plus it's got a cute stamp: Shoujo Resource site

TV Tropes
Fictional story elements and themes get explained in an entertaining way. A bit of warning, though. It's so entertaining the site will hold you captive for hours. If you don't end up at least a bit genre savvy from visiting the site then I'll be damned.

Badass of the Week
History, myth, and fiction's badasses get featured in weekly articles on a site that's equally badass. Throw in a whole lot of humorous hyperbole and real-life awesomeness.

Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged
A popular abridged series--it's an affectionate parody of that anime based on a popular card game. Like the anime itself, the parody is better than it sounds, and should keep you laughing through every episode.