Frequently Asked Questions     Or, well, questions I thought you might ask.

Why the shoujo/josei theme?
'Coz it would be easier than hitting too many genres? I guess it's just because I read a lot of shoujo. They're light, easy reads, and they're usually shorter.

Will you review other manga genres, too?
Shoujo already has quite a few sub-genres (or themes), so you can't say there's no variety. I mean, there's comedy-romance, or drama, or reverse harem, which also has comedy, romance, drama, who am I kidding? Sure, I'd love to review a few shounen (or seinen, even) once in a while. But to keep with the site's theme and all (and to not spend weeks reading an epic shounen), it'll mostly be shoujo. Or josei, which is different, I guess.

How often do you update the site?
Haha. I'd say "irregularly", but people who know me would say something along the lines of "once every full moon or so." I admit, I'm either busy with work, or too lazy to think of something to write. At best, I'd be able to put something up once or twice every couple of weeks, but I wouldn't trust myself to keep to that schedule.

I know a really good manga. Could you read and review it?
Dunno if I'll review it, but sure, let me see it. I'm always on the lookout for stuff to possibly review. Just send me an email.