Welcome, Guys!

May 13, 2010

I could tell you all about the troubles of writing all the code and content myself, but I'd just bore you. Besides I didn't quite work as hard as I'd like to think, 'cause otherwise this site would look a lot less simple than it does. Imagine a lot of fancy animation.

Like the menus--I'd imagined them to have spinning flowers beside them whenever you point at them. Flowers would border the screen whenever the page was loading, or a blonde anime guy would do a pirouette across the page. Maybe I could add a Vic Micnogna voice to that, welcoming you to the site. And all the while peppy J-pop sung in a tiny voice plays in the background, with flower petals flying across the screen as if it were Spring in a cherry tree park in the middle of a magnitude 5 earthquake.

But, y'know. I also lack visual talent. So, welcome to the sloppily done, first issue(?) of Shoujo Savvy! 8)

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Rach   2010-08-18 04:23:00

Hello! I am very happy that you're doing a shoujo blog as well as me! Nice to meet you :) can u add some link to my review blog?

Kisses and good luck! I will add you :D