Are You Shoujo Savvy?

May 24, 2010

Do you read way too much girly romance manga for your own good? Then let's see if you can spot a shoujo scene from a mile away! It isn't very hard with shoujo anyway. I'll present you with scenarios from various actual, typical (and not so typical) shoujo manga and you make a guess at what happens next from a selection of outcomes. Sound simple? Good! The answers come after all the questions. Well, then, let's get started!

  1. The heroine walks in on her love interest kissing/hugging another girl. Her natural reaction is to...
    1. run away and later avoid him.
    2. scream and hurl stuff at him.
    3. calmly ask him to explain himself.
  2. When the heroine is a member of the absurdly powerful student council, it's almost a given that she'll end up with the:
    1. school council president
    2. vice president
    3. discipline officer
  3. The heroine pretends to be a boy and moves in to the boy's dorm. Who else would be her new roommate but...
    1. her brother.
    2. her love interest.
  4. Before her brother dies, he gives the heroine contact details of a mysterious friend and more-or-less replacement for him when he's gone. Year's later, a strange mysterious janitor shows up at school. Obviously the janitor is really...
    1. her assigned friend and confidant.
    2. her brother, who isn't really dead but in hiding.
    3. just a janitor.
  5. It's Valentines Day. It's expected for the heroine to buy and make chocolates, and yet on the day, the hero gets nothing (he gets ticked off because of it). The reason is that...
    1. she was too nervous to give the chocolates.
    2. she didn't make any.
    3. she made some for friends, but she figured he wouldn't eat them. So, she makes him wine jelly for dessert instead.
  6. Stuck in another's body, the heroine meets for the first time a handsome boy at school who, when she got close to, made her heart beat like crazy. She immediately condcludes that...
    1. she likes him. She then asks herself why.
    2. the girl whose body she took over is terrified of him.
    3. the girl whose body she took over is in love with him.
  7. Attention is drawn to the fact that the heroine lost a small, ordinary item. Most likely that item had ended up...
    1. with her love interest.
    2. with the janitor.
    3. in the trash.
  8. The girl is called to the rooftop by her boyfriend's fans after a few days of being bullied by them (obviously, she's in trouble). She hasn't told him of it so far. Elsewhere, the boyfriend hears of what's been happening to her and runs around campus looking for her. At the rooftop...
    1. the boyfriend comes just in time to save her.
    2. the boyfriend's rival comes just in time to save her.
    3. the heroine beats the fans up.
  9. In every reverse harem, everyone knows that the heroine will end up with the:
    1. supportive best friend
    2. jerk with a heart of gold
    3. rich, friendly gentleman
  10. The heroine is held captive. Enter the hero for a rescue. Before he can kick ass, though, the captors seize and threaten to hurt the girl if he fights them. Naturally, he...
    1. goes on a rampage, bloodily beating a few of the captors before they can hurt her, and then frightens off the rest
    2. takes their blows until they beat him to the ground, and then the heroine rushes to him and shields him with her body
    3. takes their blows until they beat him to the ground, and then the heroine breaks free hersef. He then stares as she proceeds to kick ass

The answers:

  1. A. It's a common reaction even in real life. B is supposedly done by wives, not highschool girls. C is a funny subversion, but I've never actually read anything that used it.
  2. Admit it, it's A almost every time, unless the heroine is the president herself.
  3. B.
  4. A. Did anyone answer C?
  5. B is of course wrong--if Valentines is featured in the story, the heroine will make chocolates. It's A or C.
  6. While the seemingly correct answer is A or C, for this specific example it's B. The heroine had a...strange mind set.
  7. A. Instant plot devices, those lost handkerchiefs.
  8. C. Yes, really. But A happens more often that not, so that's a better answer. I just thought C was awesome.
  9. The jerk (or alternatively, the snarky one). You can almost tell who the heroine's gonna end up with by picking the guy who treats her the worst in the beginning. A certain manhwa artist takes it to the extreme.
  10. B has been done at least thrice. C has been done once, as far as I know. A, while more fitting in a shounen manga, was found in a shoujo believe it or not. So the answer is either of the above.

You should watch out for trick questions in there, since I find a few subver--ah, too late.

So how did you do? Don't worry, though, not getting a perfect score doesn't mean you're not genre savvy, it might actually mean too savvy. This goes to show even stories in a genre as predictable as shoujo can make suprises. Maybe it's because the writers are picking up on the predictability of their plots and play with people's expectations. And why are you worrying about scores anyway? This was just a bit of fun.

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