No idea what this site is? Well...

Weepy heroines, melodrama, highschool rivalries, flowers blooming from out of nowhere, reverse harems, debauchery, and sparkly, sharp-eyed vampires schoolboys--they all have something in common: they exist in shoujo manga. These light, school-set stories are the stuff few men (or ultra-feminists) can stomach, and yet I have chosen it as my scope in my search for something decent to satisfy my inner romantic.

Once in a while (read: "usually"), I will find something so terrible, so cheesy, or instead something suprisingly good (or all three at the same time!) that I can write about it. Thus you have this site, where I write about my experiences with the worst and best of shoujo manga.

And, well...while you're at it, you could always take a look at some of my own stories, too. *whistles innocently*

What's Up

Feb 5, 2012 - I've transferred the site, so if you experience any problems like the site being slow or not loading sometimes, email me (my address is at the bottom of the site, just click my name)

Jan 30, 2012 - The site was down for a couple of days until yesterday 'coz of a billing problem, but that's sorted out now. Hopefully it won't happen again.